Online NRI Passport Application
  1. Eligible Applicants can do online registration for applying for Passport.
  2. Don't use Special characters while entering details in the Online Registration form.
  3. The Dates can be entered as per the format given in the website (DD/MM/YYYY).
  4. Note: Pl note that the application once finalized cannot be modified, so ensure that you are entering the correct data while doing Online Registration.
  5. In case if you have finalized wrong data, you have to register again with the correct details and get the print outs with fresh File numbers.
  6. Please write/print fields in BLOCK LETTERS.
  7. Signature/Thumb impression should be confined in the prescribed box.
  8. In case of minor applicants, parent should NOT sign in the box.
  9. In case if you haven't taken the print outs in the first time, you can get the copy of the already registered application using "REPRINT REGISTERED FORM" option by supplying the File number (web registration number) and also the Date of Birth.
  10. Note: While using "REPRINT REGISTERED FORM" option, File number (web Registration number) & Date of Birth pertaining to the concerned applicant has to be filled in to get the copy.
  11. There are still some columns in the application form which you will have to fill by hand. You will have to visit the concerned mission to submit the completed application form along with fee, supporting documents such as date of birth certificate etc. on the appointed day and time. The date and time of appointment at the Mission will be informed by the on-line system and will also be printed on the application form.